Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Reesey 13 months

I'm really behind on updates on the kids. I like to do them at their birthday time and missed all 4 of them -- ahhh life, it's so busy. Anyway time to start catching up before they are all grown up and move out of the house.

She loves baby dolls and plays with them and hugs them. She carries them around and pats them. She wants me to kiss them. The one she got for Christmas that moves and makes baby noises. She loves it!

She also loves dirty socks and underwear and she loves, loves, loves, her little brown and pink shoes. She carries them around a lot. She almost outgrew her first pair and I saw them clearanced at Target so I bought her another pair, next size up.

Her favorite foods are mac & cheese, pancakes, spanish rice & cheese, and anything sweet (another sweet tooth girl!).

She only weighed 16.7 at her 12 month appointment which was a gain of about 4 ounces from her 9 month appointment. The doctor was a little concerned but said we'd wait and see. She wouldn't drink regular milk until about 3 weeks ago. Finally she started liking it. So I think she's packed on some pounds. She can eat 5 little pancakes and a whole banana at breakfast alone which is more than the other kids.

I finally got her to the point where she only nurses at night. We had a couple of good runs where it would only be twice at night. Then we go through spurts where she's up 4 or 5 times. I don't think she's hungry -- just that comfort thing.

On Monday, we booted her out of our bedroom. I really couldn't take it anymore. She is a light sleeper and I swear if I turned over in bed she heard or smelled me and would wake up. I love my kids but I need space and having them in my bedroom is too close but from there they end up in the bed and geesh I need a break.

She's sleeping in her crib in the triplet bedroom. Yep, there's 4 kids in there: a set of bunk beds, 2 cribs, and a dresser. It's jam packed but what can we do? Only other solution is to give up the playroom for a bedroom and we REALLY need a playroom at this point. We'll see how it goes with 4 kids in one room -- hey, what's one more? -- that's my motto about kids at this point anyway!

She's a dancer! She's loves music and will dance to anything and she claps and tries to snap and shakes her rear. It's quite amusing to watch.

She says "mama" every 5 seconds for no reason at all . . . just checking I guess.

I know most parents say this about their kids but she is just so darn smart. I really think it's all about having 3 older brothers and sister. I swear she thinks she's 4. She plays rough right along with them. This past weekend she was picking on her cousin Jeffrey who is 6 months older than her. She was chasing him and he is probably twice as tall as her and outweighs her by at least 10 pounds. She would run up and grab his paci. It wasn't long before all she had to do was look at him and he cried. She was loving it.
She says a few other things too: bye-bye, hi, thank you, book, daddy, up, "ook" for look

She's been sitting in her toy baskets lately. Climbing in all by herself.

She started to laugh when she passes gas. Aaron says she's a comedian . . . more like a class clown I say.

Bath time is still a favorite thing -- I wonder what she'll be like in the swimming pool this summer.
Her hair is CRAZY! She gets it from her daddy -- his is the same way -- out of control.

She's so messy and dirty. 5 minutes after a bath or being dressed she will have a dirty diaper, messy face, and who-knows-what all over her clothes. She's a girl, she's not supposed to be that way.
She loves her Daddy a lot and says "Hi, Dad" when he comes home and says "up" so he'll hold her.

She's the goofiest, craziest one year old I've ever known and I love her with all my heart (oh yeah today she decided she's a photographer, guess having mamarazzi in her face for 13 straight months has taught her something!)


Chrissi said...

Oh she is so darn cute! I saw her walking down the hallway yesterday when you came to get Ethan. She's just a little peanut!!! She's growing up too fast!

Penny Smith said...

HOW exactly did she get to be over a year so FAST!!! You were JUST pregnant! :)

Penny Smith said...

Have you seen this???