Wednesday, January 28, 2009

So Behind and I'm in

Okay I'm learning to knit . . . that's not why I haven't been blogging. I haven't even started trying to knit but I did take my thing (skein?) of yarn and roll it into a nice big ball. Isn't it pretty?

That part was easy. I read the first part of Jen's tutorial on how to start . . . oh my. I know, like I need another hobby, don't I? Scrapbooking, sewing, quilting, whatever else I see out there in blogland and now knitting! I think if I figure it out I will knit in the car and waiting in the van and in waiting rooms. Knitting is easy to carry around -- at least I think it is, I really know nothing about it. I scrapbooked in the car on the way to my sister's Christmas party --scrapbooking on the go is not so easy! Actually I can't stand doing nothing like when riding in the car and I NEVER sit and watch TV -- what a waste -- I watch TV but I always have to be doing something while watching TV: laundry, surfing the internet, scrapbooking, reading a magazine, etc. If I sit down to watch TV with nothing else to do within 10 minutes I'll be asleep. Aaron drives me crazy because he will not do anything while his "shows" are on. That would be fine if he had one or two shows to watch but this man has several shows to watch every single night. He will do stuff during commercials but he will not do anything while the show is on. His eyes must be fixed on the screen every second the show is actually on, he says he doesn't want to miss anything. When I "watch" TV there are some shows I never even look at the screen once, I guess that would be considered listening to TV but I think I get the idea but just hearing what's going on. Opposites attract, right?

So we'll see how my knitting goes . . . Aaron saw the knitting needles on the bed (they are huge (14 inches long) and he asked what they were for. Not wanting to tell him that I was starting a new crafting hobby . . . I said it's what I plan to stab with you with . . .he said nothing so that's how I got out of that. (And I'm just kidding I'm not really going to stab him with knitting needles -- I'd pick something better than knitting needles!) I know you are thinking when do I have time to learn to knit? I'll fit it in after all this knitting tutorial is by one of my favorite bloggers Jen of Amazing Trips she has 4 year old triplets and a 1 year old too -- we're in the same boat -- if she has time then I can squeeze it in. She's teaching home preschool too so I have more time than her.

But this week I have not been on the bloghorse because I am learning to knit. It's because I have a sick child.

Well on Monday Caden had pink eye (or so I thought) and Addison had a fever. I kept Ethan home by default because it was lot of work to load them all up just to drop him off and pick him up -- sometimes doing something for one child seems like a waste to me. I guess my mindset is in the majority or quantity of things besides it's so cold outside -- I hate to drag them all out especially when sickness is knocking on our door.
By the time Aaron's mom brought over the pink eye med, Caden's eye looked fine.

Addison's fever was higher on Tuesday so she stayed home again but everyone else was fine and I took them to school. I must say Tylenol works too good it makes her fell good enough to run around get into everything, won't nap, wants to do projects.
Puts a big wrench into my regular schedule and doesn't let her rest enough to get better. Then today her fever was 103.4 so I had to take her to the doctor. Everyone must be sick and we had to wait over an hour past our appointment time to see the doctor. She had an ear infection and another one starting and a red throat. We got done just in time to pick up Ethan then back to town to eat lunch and to Walmart to get the medication where we were one minute too late because the pharmacy went on lunch for a half hour so we had to wait, then wait longer to pick up the prescription. We got done just in time to pick up Caden from school. The whole day was spent on one appointment and a prescription. Now I have kids that didn't nap and are way overtired and aren't wanting to go to bed. I doubt Addison is going to school tomorrow and I'm wondering if this is an illness that may circulate through all the kids . . . I hope not!

With that all being said, no scrapbooking going on this week yet. But I have been decluttering some of the areas that just keep collecting various things. My computer desk -- I always know when it's time to clean it: when I can't see the whole computer screen. I cleaned off the washer and dryer which is a horrible catch all area for us and our TV cabinet -- a place I stash stuff away from the kids and I found all kinds of interesting things. I reorganized my baking and spice cupboard.

I can't stand things being so messy because it takes more time to look for stuff. It always amazes me how much stuff I find when I clean that is just pure trash. Why do things that are obvious headed for the trash don't end up in there in the first place? What a puzzlement (is that even a word? -- I must be tired because I have no clue if it is). I hope to be around on the blog more the rest of this week!

And here's my bonus this cute little face learned to nod her head and say "more", "yuck", and "no no no no no no no no . . . . " all in the past 2 days!


Henley said...

I hope your kids don't all get sick! I've missed your blog:)

Laura said...

I just bought my yarn yesterday- although yours in prettier:) WE can do this!

I hope everyone starts feeling better soon!