Thursday, January 29, 2009

I got nothin'

Usually I have a lot to write when I have a chance to blog but tonight I got nothing. Mondays are my favorite day of the week and I would say Thursday is my least, especially this week. I'm tired of my schedule being so off. With kids home all day Monday and Addison being home all week I just want my life back! I think she'll be able to go tomorrow. I haven't gotten any errands done, I need to get some groceries but I would rather stay home tomorrow and not cart Reese in and out of the van in the freezing cold. I did more organizing today and the kids had haircuts finally {we haven't been since October} but that meant no naps so tantrums were many and parental patience was low. I am so tired of cooking . . . I don't know why, normally I love to cook but this week I am just at a loss . . .what to make, what sounds good, what will they eat. Going out to eat is hard especially in the cold weather and we live about 20 minutes from any restaurant -- it seems such a waste to drive to pick up something and we are really trying to eat at home most of the time. So tonight was frozen pizza which I hate and nobody except Reese and Aaron ate much of anything anyway. The kids managed to destroy the house -- it looked fine until we got home at 4:30 now it looks like we had some big party but I missed all the fun. I wished I lived here -- looks cozy but clean!

I am tired but wish I had the energy to do something, I've done zero scrapbooking or anything creative this week unless I count rolling my yarn into a ball. My list of valentine crafts to make grows longer by the day . . . the things people come up with are amazing and I want to make it all. But tonight I think I'll call it a night, I'll feel better tomorrow right?

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