Tuesday, January 20, 2009


the kids went back to school
Reese and I goofed around for a while and I tried to take some photos of her

I like this very close up one

I finally got us both in frame for a self portrait

I watched the inauguration most of the day which was interesting and I'm excited for the time ahead to see how things change

I washed a million and one dishes as I think I broke the dishwasher for good last night -- I started filling the sink to wash some pans and got called away by a child and their toiletry needs and forgot about the sink which overflowed and flooded the kitchen and gave our dishwasher computer front where the electronic control board thing got a long hot bath. My husband was not mad because he has done this before -- twice to be exact and one time he left the water running all night while he went to bed. It's never worked well since then even though it was repaired but I think we need a new one and since I was in the hospital on bed rest when this one was bought I want to go check them out to give my utmost expert opinion on what I think it needs to have and not have. Maybe we should invest in a water alarm or something that will notify us when the water isn't shut off.
I made this scrapbook page of Reese:

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Laura said...

That is just an adorable LO! Your new scrapping space must be giving you some awesome mojo!