Thursday, January 8, 2009

Messy Bedroom = Great Calves

I feel like a prisoner of my bedroom this week -- yes, I am still working in there. Besides sleeping, this is the most time I've spent in there in over 13 months due to Reese being such a light sleeper. Considering I wouldn't let my cleaning lady open the bedroom door last Wednesday (why? there wasn't even a path to walk through), I have really made some progress. My creative space is coming together, I went to 2 thrift shops to find a shelf today with no luck. I need some shelving for the walls so I have to keep looking. I completely cleaned out a closet and found tons of "lost stuff".
Finally found the paper that told the amount of square footage of our house because I couldn't remember (if you care it's about 1500 and that's not nearly enough for 6 people for your future reference). I also have had to find room for stuff from that closet that would fit back in I did get rid of some things. For instance these are all the gift bags I own:
No I don't have a gift bag addiction. I didn't buy a one -- all recycled from gifts given to us -- I never use them because they were buried in the closet under a heaping pile of stuff so I couldn't get to them. These are the ones I kept I gave my MIL about this many too.

Today I concentrated on clothes, once again laundry got out of control and I had baskets of clean, folded stuff everywhere. It was all mismatched in the baskets so I emptied them all and tried to put it all away. We have way too much clothing. Reese's clothes are a problem. Right now most were in totes on shelf in my bedroom and some were under her bed.

Aaron wanted me to lower her mattress all the way down so I did but then the totes wouldn't fit under her bed anymore. There is NO extra room in the kids' dresser and only a little in their closet for hanging. We have some of the older kids clothes in tubs under their beds. So I am working out something for her clothes but I think some of them will have to remain on those shelves in my room. It doesn't really matter but no one (including Aaron) will ever be able to get out the kids' clothes to get them dressed except me -- they are just scattered everywhere in tubs, closets, drawers, various rooms. I guess it would help if I would quit making their closets into play areas but the fact is we need more space. I can't say that enough.

Of course because I am concentrating on the bedroom the rest of the house is out of control but I need to finish this bedroom. I am itching to get in there and do some scrap projects not to the mention I have an 18 gallon tub of fabric (that I had to stand on to get the lid on) that is screaming for me to get the sewing machine out and running and make something. Oh yeah and remember this:

Addison's toddler size quilt I made the summer while I was pregnant with Reese. All it needs is the binding otherwise it's all done, even quilted. I have such trouble finishing stuff. Now she's in a twin size bed so it's really too small. I love the colors though, think the boys would go for a pink and orange room? Probably not.
My legs are getting the workout from going up and down the stairs several hundred times a day (my calves are beginning to hurt) too bad my legs don't need the workout as much as other parts of my body! I am tired -- wish I was snoozing away like the kids.

Reese is sleeping so well in her new room that she didn't even wake up when I dared to take a flash photo while she was sleeping. Yeah, the light sleeper that would wake up if one little floor board creaked while she slept in our bedroom (all the floor boards creak in our house) can sleep through a flash right in her face (more than once too)!

I must finish this room tomorrow I don't want to work on it anymore -- I want to work in it!

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Laura said...

My house is about the same sq ftage of yours, 1540 I think. We found about a 4x3 area under our stairs that we opened and turned it into a "cubby" for the kids to play in. It is only about 3 feet tall, but they have 2 play couches in it and a long plastic tub that their cars can stay out of the way in.

On my blog I will have to show you the entertainment center we just added on to because with Christmas toys, we just had run out of room to put anything!
I couldn't imagine adding one more kid to the mix, but sounds like you are doing a great job and making it all organized and pretty at the same time.