Thursday, January 1, 2009


I love the start of the new year probably more than any other time of year. I really look forward to it. Weird, perhaps. But I just love the thought of a new beginning, I love change especially when the change means things are going to get better! I don't do resolutions . . . I don't' think they work and I think you can make a resolution at any time of year . . . I'm not good at them and just sets me up for failure.

However, I'm all about Ali Edwards' idea of one little word. Basically you choose a word for the year that is like your motto, what you want to work on, a way to make a huge impact on your life, seriously. You may think I'm kidding but it really works. This is my third year doing this. Last year I chose simplify . . . I tried to simplify in a lot of areas in my life . . . I did okay . . . it's a work in progress . . . still going on but I definitely feel like I did simplify stuff, schedules, my life, etc. What's so great about a word rather than a resolution? Well the word is something you come up with and you decide the meaning to your life. At any time, you can think about your word and it can help bring you back when your life isn't going as you'd like. Like I said it's a work in progress thing. You really can't fail, just keep trying.

I have been so jazzed (I laugh every time I use the word, jazzed) about my new word that I started thinking what it should be near the end of November! It's been an evolution of words. I first started thinking what do I want to change? Stress has been big for me this year so I first thought, relax, should be my word but no, I don't really have trouble relaxing. I started thinking some more.

Breathe came to mind because that does help when I'm stressed but that still wasn't quite right. I do have a lot on my plate (we all do). I have trouble finishing anything completely whether it be laundry or bill paying or creative projects. So I thought, focus, was a great idea but then again I can focus on laundry but I do have to stop when the kids need me which is often.

Focus on laundry? What does that even mean? So I thought some more and came up with NOW. I want to enjoy the NOW. Live in the moment, stop worrying about all my "to do's" and thinking about all the stuff I should be doing, I need to be doing. There may not be a tomorrow, my kids aren't going to be little forever, I'm lucky to get to stay home with them and be here. I'm blessed have a husband who loves me NOW and I need to give our marriage the attention it needs NOW not when the kids are grown. I have my sisters, parents, and in laws alive NOW and I need to enjoy time with them NOW.

It doesn't mean I'm letting the housework go or my lists get thrown in the trash. It just that NOW I need to focus on the most important part of my life, the NOW!

Do you have a word for the New Year?

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Penny Smith said...

Happy New year! Are you going to do the Project 365?? :)

A picture a day! You have some great ones it seems already! :)

Can't wait to see you again this year!