Monday, January 5, 2009

because one blog is not enough

Okay I like to blog! It's my journal, my editorial, generally my life just hanging all out there for everyone to see. I easily come up with stuff to post. On any given day I have about 10 ideas for posts however I never have enough time to post everything I want to. So how do I solve that problem? I don't instead I add to my blog addiction and I've started another blog! Actually I'm jumping on the bandwagon of doing Project 365. Don't know what that is come check out my new blog and you'll find out! Maybe you'll join in on the fun!

Here's the address in case you have trouble getting there:


Chrissi said...

Oh, I just love the new blog! You are going to be super busy now!!! I will be checking that daily, too! By the way, you forgot to call us during break to come watch the kiddos - I was totally serious!!! We want to come in and watch them sometime! Thanks again for entertaining Brooke, she is still talking about what a great time she had!

Cathi said...

Maybe now would be a good time for Rachel, Brooke and Blake to come and play, aka babysit, and Chrissi and I could help you do some of the things on your list. Maybe it would encourage me to do something, anything for pete sakes. I still have Christmas gifts sitting on the living room floor and the sad thing is, it doesn't even bother me. It bothers Roger but not me. I need to make a list and at least attempt to do something from it. But usually I just rewrite the list over and over and not much gets done. UGGGGGH

Henley said...

Great new blog! You have such a cute family! I love Reese:) Oh - I tried to read your sis's blog but it said I had to be "invited".
Anyway - keep on posting, you have a great way of writing and I love your scrapbooking shots!