Tuesday, January 6, 2009

It's happening!

I finally made a "good enough" path through my horrendous bedroom and I jumped ahead and began working on my creative corner. I moved Reese out yesterday so I've had some time to get going on things. I wanted a bigger table than my current scrap desk which is more like a sofa table but since space is limited I ended up buying a 4' x 2' folding table. It was inexpensive and we can use it other ways too for parties and get-togethers (that is, if it isn't a heaped full of stuff 99% of the time). I already had one problem arise when the new 2 storage drawers sets I bought a few months ago both didn't fit under the table as I had planned. I didn't account for the braces to be hanging down so far. One fit so I had to find another spot for the other one. There are two things I am really trying to accomplish: keeping out my sewing machine and cricut die cutting machine so they are easily accessible and ready to use. Right now they are stored in various benches and cabinets and I hardly use them. It's a pain to get them out and set them up and put them back. I have to find a spot for them that they won't be too tempting for the kids to mess with -- not that I let them play in my bedroom but they are up there sometimes. I'm thinking maybe I'll make simple fabric covers to go over them so they won't be so obvious. The other thing I really am trying to do is not load up the table top so much that I don't have room to work. I do have quite a bit of wall space above the table so shelving will help store some of my stuff up off the table. I still have a lot to carry upstairs. Addison helped for a while and then she asked when she could make some projects . . . will I even get to use this space???? Stay tuned as I hope to keep progressing on this and now that Reese sleeps in the other room I have lots of opportunities to work in the bedroom.
I moved Reese's crib yesterday. In 4 years I have never ever taken any of our 3 cribs apart but I was so ready to do this that I figured it out. It was a tight squeeze in their room: a set of bunk beds, 2 cribs, and a dresser. There's not much room to maneuver around in there. It doesn't help that we have 4 doors and 2 windows in our upstairs bedrooms. Makes furniture arranging rather limited. Reesey took her afternoon nap in the "new to her" bedroom yesterday with Ethan. It went well even though Ethan took a while to go to sleep -- she didn't and she wasn't bothered by him. I didn't know how the night would go. The older kids had strict instructions not to be bugging her and get her all wound up. They were reminded they NEVER, EVER get in her crib and in the morning they are NOT to wake her up. She has only been nursing at night: good nights it's 2 times and bad nights are 4-5 times with even more waking times than that. She has been waking around 10 then 12:30 then sometimes once or twice between 2 and 4 again. She went right to sleep even with Ethan screaming at his stuffed toys and me going in there 3 times to dress him because he was buck naked. I stayed up and she woke up at midnight to eat then not again until 4:45. That was amazing. Before midnight I was in there eye level with the crib mattress making sure she was breathing -- Aaron said I was nuts checking on her like that but she always wakes up 2-3 hours after going to sleep. She loves being in there with the other kids. When she cried it only woke Caden up and he went back to sleep. I think maybe this is what she needed -- she just wants to be with the other kids -- she probably thinks they are quadruplets! I'm not missing her in our room, I just like to have some space to ourselves -- I with people ALL DAY LONG -- I need some alone time!

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Cathi said...

Looks great!!!!!! I swear you get more done in one day than I do in a week and I have no excuse. I need some of your energy. I bet the kids love being together. Maybe Luke and Erik would like that......they would end up in a fist fight. Maybe 20 years old and 16 years old is a little late to start that. I just hope someday they're friends. Keep up the organizing and maybe a little will rub off on me.