Sunday, January 11, 2009

ER Trip #2

It's amazing that we went about 3-3/4 years with crazy, overly energetic triplets without a trip to the ER. Caden broke that record last August needing stitches in his lip. Now Ethan made his debut at the ER last night.
He was sitting on the top of the recliner. Yes, I mean the back part sort of like a bird. And yes, we've told him a million times plus not to sit there. He's even fallen off a couple times but nothing deters him -- nothing. He fell off backwards and started to cry but I knew it was bad because just after a second or two, he sucked in his breathe forever, you know when you don't know if they are going to breathe again and let out a painful cry. Immediately there was blood. Aaron got a wet washcloth and it soaked through right away. I'll admit I was panicking. I'm usually good with stuff like this but it was a lot of blood and it was his head and it was Ethan who usually isn't bothered by much. Aaron said he needed to go to the ER -- he worries about concussions a lot, rightfully so. So I took him. By the time we got there (15 minutes later) it wasn't bleeding much and he was talking and being himself all the way there.

It took about 2-1/2 hours there and he wasn't in too much pain since I had to try to keep him busy so he would stop jumping on the waiting room furniture. He got a numbing shot (that worked immediately) and 2 staples in his head. Did you know the stapler looks just like an office stapler, sounds the same and everything -- I could have just done it at home -- I even have decorative scrapbook staples and gave him something cool -- just kidding!

He was fine after the procedure was over and came home at 9:30 ate a little dinner and went right to bed and fell asleep immediately. Did he learn his lesson? You be the judge!


Chrissi said...

Hope Ethan is feeling better, the little dare devil!!! Did he get that from the murray side??? By the way, you haven't posted any new pictures on your new blog??? Helllloooo, don't you know I check that every day??

Keely said...

I've sent you like 5 emails. Are you not getting them???????