Monday, August 25, 2008

Summer Vacation Leaving Us in Stitches

So this was officially the last day of summer vacation for the kids since Preschool starts tomorrow. I kind of thought I should have planned some extra special fun time for this day but we had to go to school to drop off all their supplies and see their rooms and the kids have not been behaving very well in the last week and I didn't feel up to treating them to fun stuff when they don't deserve it. So we went to Ethan's school and dropped off his stuff first. There's no way we could have done all 3 of them because we used our Choo Choo wagon. Reese sat in one car and another one was full of school supplies and Ethan carried his backpack which was full too.
We came back home I was feeding the baby lunch and the boys were outside in the backyard. Caden came in crying (which is nothing out of the ordinary). I looked at him and there was blood all over his mouth so I didn't panic just cleaned him up and realized there was a big gash above his upper lip. It wasn't bleeding so much but it looked really deep. I don't know much about cuts and stitches so I called Aaron and he said call our doctor. Of course it was lunch time no one there but the receptionist and she said they don't put in stitches at the office and I was to go to Prompt care or Emergency Room. I got in touch with Aaron's mom and she was going to meet me at Prompt Care. I grabbed everyone, had to dress the baby who who naked because she had spilled the cat's water all over her earlier and we headed to Galesburg. I called Prompt Care on the way to ask if they do stitches and she said not on someone that little when it has to do with the face. So we headed to the Emergency room. By the time we got there it looked like it was scabbing up and I thought I'm totally overreacting. But when the nurse looked at him she thought he needed some glue to hold it together. Then the nurse practitioner came in and she said that we were going to need stitches as the glue was just going to keep opening when he talked and ate. So he got some numbing med on his lip for about 20 minutes. Then they had to give him a few shots of numbing meds right in the wound which was the worst part and he cried. He got TWO stitches. He was fine after the whole ordeal. It took about 2-1/2 hours from the time we walked in the ER and the kids hadn't eaten lunch -- it was 3pm. So they all got Happy Meals. He was so brave and such a big boy! I can't believe we've gotten this far (3-1/2 years) and only 2 stitches. Now the cause of it is still a little ambiguous since it was just the boys outside. My first thought was a stick because I saw them playing with some earlier. But Caden said Ethan hit him with his glasses which made me think Ethan had his glasses off (metal frames) and was swinging them around but Ethan's was still wearing his glasses and he can't put them on by himself. So I think they bumped heads just right and that's how it happened. Or theory number 2 is the alligator. When we got back home I asked Caden again what happened and he said an alligator bit him in our yard -- look out if you visit us!

Then we had to go back to school to take Addison's and Caden's supplies to their classroom. What a day! I'm exhausted and I haven't gotten a thing done! Tomorrow I'll have some time and I'm excited. I'm a little nervous for the kids and hope their day goes well. I have tons of photos of everything but for some reason I can't get the photos off the camera and on to the computer which is driving me nuts! I'll post some as soon as I get it figured out!

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Chrissi said...

What a brave little boy! I can't imagine stitches in the lip! That numbing shot is so painful. Hope they had a great day at PreK. I saw them from a distance but didn't get too close. Some of those kids were on the verge of tears! I'll be sure to watch out for that 'gator!