Wednesday, October 1, 2008


1. I sent all the kids to school today. I think they are better although Ethan never has officially been sick so we'll see. Reesey is still not doing well . . . too many explosive diapers to count yesterday and then at the restaurant last night and can you believe this mom of 4 had no extra pants of any kind to put on her. It was chilly and here she was in a grocery store with a long sleeved shirt and just a diaper.

2. We turned on our furnace last night. I didn't want to get out of bed this morning . . . seems so much harder to get up when it's cold.

3. We went to Perkins last night to eat. I think Aaron and I have ate their 2 times before. Anyway we picked it because Tuesday nights is kids' night and the window says kids eat free. When you have 4 kids we're all about free. We normally buy one adult meal for the three older kids and it's usually enough but when it's free they can get their own. Caden and Addison picked pancakes and Ethan chose Chicken strips and fries. The free meal included their drinks and a huge cookie. It saved us over $12. Plus there was a clown there doing face painting and animal balloons for free. Ethan didn't want his face painted but he loved his solar system on his arm.
I figured we would only get one free kid meal per paying adult which is usually the case at most places but they said it's 2 free kid meal per adult. We will be visiting Perkins on Tuesday more frequently.

4. If we eat at Perkins on Tuesdays that will also have to be bath night too. Aaron couldn't possibly understand why they couldn't wear the face paint to school today. I said it's a distraction to everyone. I know I've had those distractions in the classroom before! He still thought it was ridiculous. . .

5. Working on "my week in the life". Aaron finds it crazy that I'm taking so many pictures of anything and everything. He doesn't understand it at all, even though I've explained it a million times.

6. If you are missing anything, it's probably in Ethan's bed. I just cleaned it out today. I can't even use words to describe it. All the missing socks in the world were under his mattress.

7. We are down to one vehicle as Aaron's truck needs some work again so he took the van to work today. I was hoping for no rain since we had to walk to school (3 times there and back for me). I realized I left the stroller in the back of van so I had to carry Reese this morning because I didn't want to mess with pulling the wagon (100+ pounds of kid) to school today. They all walked so wonderfully today and we're excited to go back.
8. I'm so not normally a political person but at this time of world how can you not be somewhat interested in all that's going on in our country and the world? I'm kind of excited/interested about the VP debate on Friday. I think Sarah Palin at the debate will kind of be like me standing up there answering political questions . . . even with some coaching and prep I wouldn't come off knowledgeable about much except kid raising. I think she is an interesting person and I know she wants to come off as the "average person" working her way to a high position. Nothing against her but it sure makes me more interested in the debates.

9. I'm enjoying my time "alone" today. I've cleaned up the kitchen and the kids' room. And now I'm off to do some laundry and make some applesauce.

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Keely said...

That picture of Aaron pushing the kids in the cart is priceless. I can hear him saying, "What the hell are you doing?"