Thursday, October 23, 2008

Pink Eyes, Yucky Ears, and A Project

More sickness here just not me. I tried to ignore Reese's yucky eyes but her lids turned pink then Addison came home from school on Tuesday with a really pink eye. Of course ALL the eye medication I had was expired (by like 2 years) and then Addison has this horrendous cough so I figured we'd better get to the doctor. Good thing, 3 infected eyes, each had an infection ear too! So antibiotics all around, some eye drops, and cough medicine. Addison has missed 2 days of school and she is ready to go back, hopefully her eye looks better tomorrow. Caden's teacher commented to me today how different he is at school without Addison there. She said he is much more talkative and flitting about the room. I said that's weird and asked if they even interact at school during the day and she said no, not really. She said Addison doesn't boss him around or anything. Just whole different boy without her there. I wish there were three classrooms so they could each be separated. Aaron said he wants all three of them together all through school. Give me a break, who wants to go to be in the same class with their siblings every year. They get enough of each other at home. I thought it would have been nice to have them all together this past year more for convenience sake for me but it's working out fine with 2 in one class and one in the other.

Today Addison and I made this:

Addison was disappointed she missed another day of school so I told her we could do a "project". A while back I was inspired here to make a Halloween advent style calendar. I was going to decorate 31 paper mache boxes and put magnets on the back and put them on my fridge. Little paper mache boxes used to cost 3 for $1 back in 1990-something. Now they are $1 a piece. My sister was even going to try to get me a deal through her scrapbook store but it was still going to be over $20 for 31 boxes plus I would still have to decorate them all AND buy/think of think of things to go in the boxes for 3 kids! Anyway I found some of those boxes at Walmart for 69 cents so I got 8 of them. Eight is plenty for the Halloween countdown. Addison helped me paint them then she picked the embellishments for the top. I decided magnets on the fridge wouldn't work for me because they would fall and I have bad luck with gluing magnets on projects. I saw a little Halloween tree in a magazine and decided to punch holes with my crop-a-dile so they could hang with ribbon. I went outside in our "to burn" pile and found a couple branches, stuck them in floral foam in a metal bucket. It's pretty big but the kids will be excited to see it on the table in the morning. I have bought some small gifts for them for some of the days but I am also going to include things like decorate cookies, carve pumpkins, make a Halloween craft etc. I think it will be fun! and I'm so glad I didn't have to hang 31 boxes on my little branch.


Chris said...

OH my goodness!! Those turned out wonderfully! I love that you did it on a tree--what a great idea! Luckily, I have a magnet board that doesn't really have anything on it. Otherwise, I'd have to look for some other way to hang the magnet ones as well. I'm so glad you did it!

Henley said...

Your tree is adorable!! Very clever and crafty! I'm impressed:) I hope to get inspired to at least make a black wreath for my door for Halloween. Maybe this will give me that "inspiration"!