Thursday, October 16, 2008

It's official

Here's how our front porch looks when you stand at the end of our sidewalk not too bad except for the ripped screen {kids!}.

I even bought this new doormat a few weeks ago because our other one was at least 2 years old and spent a good part of the summer upside down in the mud {roofers! IE: my husband!}.

Then as you walk up the front walk, here's what begins to welcome you, see the stuff peeking our from the sides of the porch. It's screaming

the title of POOR WHITE TRASH! Keepin' it real, people -- you all are thinking it anyway!

That changing table has been there since August from the yard sale, we don't change the kids out there -- it's going to the resale shop, I'm actually waiting for it to walk there on it's own, I guess.

My husband thinks our front porch is a storage space! We have 2 garages in the back -- one for our neighbor???? and one that Aaron stuffs full by randomly putting stuff in the front and middle of the floor. Then he will complain on a daily basis about how he can't walk in his own garage or find anything . . . I seldom venture in there because there's lots of places for possums and raccoons to hide. But when I do I notice the things I have told him belong in the garage are randomly set down here, there, and everywhere. Organization is not his strong suit; I guess I'm no professional in that area either as told by the photos.

In wintertime he sometimes likes to store these strollers and that wagon in our living room by the front door.

If you've been in our living room there is no room by our front door or anywhere else in our house so then if I complain enough he will take the stroller and stand at the top of the stairs and toss it in the basement. So that our basement can be an unorganized mess that he will complain about daily and if I need a stroller I will have to trip around down there and carry it up.

Things like this drive me crazy but I don't have extra time to deal with this stuff by myself (I do have time to photograph it and blog about it though) nor do I know where to put them, other than at a bigger house! It eats away at me every time I go in and out the door . . . sigh.

Look at the pumpkins . . . they are going to be spread about our yard! We have 13 pumpkins right now. Yep I said 13 and Ethan still has one at school! We got 4 of them on the school pumpkin patch trip. This past weekend we picked up 5 more at Tanner's Orchard.

Then my dad, who has something against pumpkin patches, thinks he needs to grow pumpkins for us including that humgo one that he said weighs 75 pounds but can only sit up leaning against something very study.

I think he doesn't like that we spend money on the pumpkins but he doesn't get that it's the memorable experience of getting the pumpkins not just having someone bring them to you or buying them at a store. If we were to grow our own, then that would be a fun experience too. I'm not ungrateful but this family of 6 doesn't need 13 pumpkins sitting on their front porch. Last year somebody smashed one of ours so having 13 is just screaming to all the late night hoodlums: "COME TO THE MURRAY HOUSE!" although I don't know if some teenagers could smash that big one without power tools.

So Aaron took tomorrow off. One of his projects: clean the garage. Which means I can probably get some of that stuff off the porch. After all Aaron got a new 5' skeleton to hang on the porch for Halloween which I was informed will be hung with a noose --- gotta keep the POOR WHITE TRASH theme going!

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