Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I can't see the top!

That's how I feel -- like everything I need to do is in one huge pile and I can't see the top of it . . . but we really all know everything I need to do is not in one huge pile -- that would be to easy. It's actually scattered about here, there, and everywhere, just to add to the disarray of my overwhelming life! I do it to myself. We don't need to have a huge birthday party with tons of extra decorations. Our whole family doesn't have to dress up in a theme and I make 4 costumes. Especially at this time of year when there's Halloween, parent teacher conferences, yearly doctor visits, Thanksgiving, Christmas around the corner, and all the other stuff I can't even remember . . . but I do like the big birthday parties we have. The kids remember them. They thought they were going to be monkeys again this year! I have compromised and Reese is having a super small teeny weeny party with not many guests. I am going to make her some little decorations but sweet and simple is the theme. Especially when her birthday is just 3 weeks after the older kids and on Thanksgiving. I know some people will baulk at the whole idea that I throw BIG parties for the older kids but it's different and there's three of them. I don't care what people think anyway.
Being sick last week didn't help the cause of me getting anything done either. I felt better Thursday and Friday. My sister, Keely, and her family came on Friday to spend the night. By the time they left Saturday afternoon I was feeling really bad again. I guess the best thing is so far I am the only one who really got sick and no one else. I'm better now.
I was wasting time complaining yesterday to my sister about how much stuff is going on in the next 2 weeks and she said look back to last year's post at this time. I did and it's always like this and like she said at least I'm not pregnant too on top of everything else.
I spent the morning finally putting all the older kids winter clothes in the closet and dresser and packing up the summer stuff since it finally seems that cooler weather is here to stay. I really hate those jobs but we have been digging out of tubs for a few weeks now for long sleeved shirts and longer pants.
Now I'm off to glitter more bones and pick up every room of this house since my favorite housekeeper is coming tomorrow . . .
and I'm going to conquer that pile!

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