Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Sick Day

It's an unusual day for us today -- all the kids are home with me. Caden is still not feeling 100% and now he says his throat hurts (I think it's just a ploy to take some medicine -- my kids love medicine). Addison came in our room at 5 am saying her tummy hurt so she crawled in bed with us. Reese had an EXPLOSIVE diaper this morning: PJs & sheets had to be changed -- she's still not eating much either. I figure it's just a matter of time before Ethan is sick although he's sometimes the one that skips it. Aaron was sick all day on Sunday and I didn't feel the best yesterday either. So I made the executive decision for us all to stay home. I'd have to pack them all up in the van to drop off and pick up Ethan so I figured let's just stay home and take it easy. Ethan said to me after we were dressed, "ready for school, Mommy?" He is really talking up a storm in sentences and it is getting more and more clearer to me. So it'll just be a relaxing day here at home and I will have to somehow, someway get to the grocery store tonight since we seem to be out of staples of milk, veggies, fresh fruit, and the ever important ketchup! But Aaron called and said his truck is not working right again so that will have to be taken to the mechanic tonight and he also has one little part to finish on the back porch roof. So if I could please have about 2 or 3 extra hours added to this day, God, that would be great!

Anyway I have been working a little bit on some projects:

Because I have so much Halloween paper and I NEVER scrapbook Halloween I thought I use a little of it and I made this pennant out of chipboard, scrapbook paper, modge podge, and ripped fabric. After I made it I realized I have no good place to hang it. It was too small for most places and too big for others. I ended up putting it between the big doorway between our dining room and living room. I had to use those removable sticky hooks not the best but it works and the kids love it.
Here's another project that is going to help me {I think} organize my printed photos so I can scrapbook more effectively in little bits of time that pop up from time to time. Right now when I have some "extra" time to work on something, I usually end up spending the entire time looking for photos and supplies and then my time is gone. This is only part way done, I have to buy some foam (which I had planned to do today) before I can finish . . .

I did make a lo for Caden's first day of Preschool last night too but I need to take photos of it. I'm off to watch my house become a disaster area since all the kids are home today!

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