Friday, October 10, 2008

It''s Friday

and no favorite thing Friday since I'm working on a cold and my brain isn't fully functioning, (without cold medicine -- still nursing) so all I can say is being sick is anything but a favorite thing.

The pumpkin patch was fun . . . short and sweet . . . ride the bus . . . ride the tram to the patch . . . pick out a pumpkin . . . ride the tram to the snack building and eat cookies and juice . . . ride the tram to the bus . . . back to school! The kids had a good time and it was a nice day.

Today since I'm not feeling 100% all I've done is sorted through some of my scrapbook stuff . . . pulling out stuff I want to sell at Scrapaganza's yard sale at the end of the month. Last time I sold stuff at the yard sale, I had a $90 store credit . . . this time I won't have as much but I like cleaning out a little and earning some moola for future purchases.

Picked up Ethan from school and the three of us headed to Monmouth to get license plate sticker for Aaron's truck that expired over a week ago and I totally forgot. Then we signed up for our family membership to the YMCA. Now's the time, they waived the initial fee of $70 during their membership drive (goes until next week) so we saved some money. We just have to work out a plan/schedule and actually go. It's going to be hard at first but definitely needed. So far on my goal to run a 5K race I have:
1. bought running shoes that haven't been out the box since I brought them home in August

2. paid for a YMCA membership

3. procrastinated for 3 months which is probably making you all say "I knew it" My BIL, Jeremy asked if this race/running thing would be like all the things in my and my sister, Keely's life. Cramming and staying up most the night before getting ready . . . probably but I don't think running a race works like that.

I'm buying a sports bra (my newest excuse as to why I can't work out) this weekend and getting started!

Tonight we are taking it easy: Addison, Ethan, Reese and I are staying home. Caden gets to go to a buttbars game (that's football in Cadenspeak) with Daddy. Addison is not at all happy about the situation but she's gotten to do stuff with me a couple a times without the whole crew and Ethan gets to do stuff with me in the afternoons sometimes and Reese . . . well, she gets me all the time. I had to promise some "fun projects" for Addison to be somewhat okay with this situation so I guess I'd better start doing some thinking as to what our "projects" will be . . . oh my!

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