Sunday, October 5, 2008

The Story Matters Challenge

I've done every single one of these challenges since The Story Matters Challenge Blog started a few months ago. Again I wait until the last day to think of a plan, then have to find photos, and put the page together . . . but I finished and I used all this crazy self portraits of me and the kids from this year's Mother's Day.

It was a fill in the blank poem for the journaling. My poem says:

I am their mommy
I wonder if my best is good enough
I hear them laugh, play, and giggle
I see them growing up before my eyes
I want to enjoy each and every moment
I am their mommy

I understand I can't protect them from everything
I say they are the light of my life
I dream they will grow up to be good people
I try to remember they grow up way too fast
I hope they remember the good times
I am their mommy

1 comment:

Penny Smith said...

This is so freakin' sweet Mindy!!

And I am SURE you best is AWESOME!!
It is obvious... your a GREAT mom! :)