Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Back amongst the living

Maybe . . . I've been sick for the past 2-1/2 days. Not just a little bit sick but the kind that puts you in bed with a temperature of 103 and you don't care what happens to anyone because you are on your death bed. The kids had Monday off so there was no choice but for Aaron to stay home -- I have never asked him to stay home before when I was sick but I've never been that sick since we've had kids. I went to the local clinic on Monday thinking I had strep throat because I get it easily and I get really sick with it. Well . . .I didn't have strep . . . the practitioner thought I had mastitis (clogged milk duct) which I knew I didn't have because I had that before. I got antibiotics which never did anything because evidently I had the flu.

My children seemed so out of control on Monday while Aaron was watching them all I could hear was them running and jumping and screaming and then him yelling. He still hasn't learned the art of keeping it low key so the kids will also be less high strung. I'm not exactly sure what was going on all day because at one point Addison came upstairs to tell me that the baby was in the cat water. So I said "where's Daddy?" and when she said he's asleep I had to make myself go downstairs to make sure all 4 children were still alive. He was laying on the couch but said he wasn't sleeping. That night Caden crawled into bed with us at like 11pm which is not what I needed at all, Aaron said I guess we watched too many Halloween shows today so that tells you what they did all day.

Aaron went to work on Tuesday and I was barely coherent enough to get them to school yesterday. We didn't get up soon enough and I had to dig out clothes and I don't really think they ate breakfast. Addison and Caden were crying because they wanted to take their lunch but I had no energy to make it. I have to pick Ethan up at the elementary school on Tuesdays from library time. Of course, since I used to teach there I know everyone and everyone talks to me which normally I enjoy but not yesterday, I hadn't brushed my teeth or combed my hair, I could barely walk in there to pick up Ethan. Then his teacher was telling me about some problem he had in the morning but when I got home I couldn't remember what she had said so I had to talk to her this morning about it again. As soon as Aaron walked in the door yesterday I went back upstairs.

I just kept praying that no one else would get sick before I got better especially Aaron. I'm not 100% yet but feeling much better so maybe now we can get some food in this house I really don't know what Aaron has been feeding them but our fridge and cupboards are bare. There's no milk and only a few pieces of bread so we need to restock today. Even though things were a bit chaotic Aaron kept it together but let's hope he never has to do this on a permanent basis -- it would for sure put him in an early grave. At one point on Monday, he came upstairs and said "If this is what you have to deal with all day, I'd divorce me and leave all the kids here, this is crazy!"

Here's to health and ya'll go get your flu shots!

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Candi Ladwig said...

Isn't it early for us to be getting the flu??? Ryan was a good sport around here, too! Hopefully we are clear for the rest of flu season!!