Monday, October 6, 2008

Just Another Manic Monday

I do like Mondays! I always seem recharged and ready to get a lot accomplished on this day. I get more done on Monday than I do on the other weekdays combined. Laundry, bill paying, picking up the whirlwind of clutter, cleaning my scrap desk, rearranging the kids' room, finishing some journaling/words for my "week in the life project", starting make Halloween costumes, working on birthday plans and decorations, making shopping lists, and . . . the problem is I keep adding to the list so it just keeps growing even though I am accomplishing a lot of stuff. Still down to one vehicle, which is one way just to stay home and get things done.

Aaron said I was like the paparazzi with the photos last week, maybe that should be mamarazzi, Huh? I totaled my photos from the week 914 -- not too bad -- a little more than I take in a normal month. There's a lot of duplicates and blurries and pictures of ceilings and floors when trying to use the self timer but overall I'm pleased with a lot of the "stuff" I captured. What a fun thing but now will come the actual creating something from all the words, photos and stuff I collected. We'll see how that goes.

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