Sunday, October 28, 2007

Catch up time!

Once again I am behind on my blog! Things have been a little crazy and busy but that's the normal for us. My shower was last weekend. It was really nice! I got over 1300 diapers and 1600 wipes plus a lot of nice baby gifts. Started making me a little more excited for the baby not that I wasn't excited but sometimes it still seems so surreal that we are having another baby and it's coming in the next few weeks. My sisters were so nice to give me this shower and of course Aaron and I had to practically get divorced to get the house cleaned. We were up until 2:30 am on Friday night cleaning and preparing and still preparing 5 minutes before people arrived -- nothing new for us though just hard when your pregnant and there were 5 kids staying here (ours and Keely's 2) that were all under 3 years old.
All the kids were sick last week. All had a fever and Ethan threw up once. They weren't all sick at once: Ethan and Addison were and then Caden and I were sick. I think I feel better but them being sick threw a wrench into our schedule. We never went to school once last week, had to cancel our preschool transition meeting, missed developmental therapy, and we were going to have photos taken but decided that was a bad idea if the kids were sick and cranky.

Addison got her new glasses but won't wear them for more than 2 seconds. I have yet to make it back to Walmart to get them adjusted and buy a strap or get new ear pieces to keep them on better. They are PINK and very cute!
I have 5 weeks left and think either from being sick or just being near the end I am starting to get really wore down. Also I have been super grouchy today! Be glad you don't live here! The kids were more than a handful today and I don't know if it's because they haven't been out much in the last week or what. They better shape up!

We are on the countdown to the big birthday bash! Feels like Monkey Central here. Aaron and I are working on all kinds of MONKEY projects. The kids are excited for their birthday and I am hoping that the toys we got them for their birthday will keep them a little more occupied until this baby comes.

Oh yeah and my 8 month old digital camera fell off a shelf and didn't make it. The screen went haywire. It was almost the same amount of money to buy a new camera as to try to have Kodak fix it. I only had 4 people offer to lend me their camera for Halloween and Kids' Birthday Party but I was freaking out thinking I might have this baby and not have a camera! How could I miss those important first moments and memories. I don't have cute and fun photos from the triplets now I don't want to be jipped on that aspect again!
It's going to be a busy week: we have to clean the house again, get all the birthday projects and food ready, and make up for all the missed appointments last week, and it's Halloween too!

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