Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Darn Girls Clothes

Clothing for little girls is so darn cute -- it's hard to resist buying them sometimes. Most of the time I don't look. We don't buy a lot of stuff even with 4 kids. My sister, Monica, hands down her children's clothes. It's so nice but I do look at clearance stuff and I don't mind buying things for the next year but I rarely spend more than $3 or $4 per piece. We couldn't do it with 4 kids. Today Aaron's mom wanted to take the kids to buy them something special for school. Everything she thought to buy they already have: bookbags (they each have 2), shoes (hardly wore the tennis shoes she bought them for Christmas and they all still fit), lunchboxes (they eat have one). I finally thought they don't have a nice fall/spring jacket to wear when it gets cooler. We went to Walmart and Bergner's. Nobody has jackets out yet, can you believe that? A month ago Hobby Lobby had out Halloween and Christmas decorations! Anyway we started looking at the clearance clothes. I haven't gone to the mall in a while and when you start seeing clothes for 70% off -- wow! Aaron's mom bought them each something: Reese got the cute little pink polka dotted shirt and Addison the sweet brown flowered skirt. The boys got Speed Racer t-shirts but boy clothes don't excite me so much. Each piece was $4 or less. It was hard to search with the kids running everywhere and Ethan removing every stuff toy from the shelves to make a nice nest for himself so tonight I think I will go back and look some more for some bargains to put away for next year.
I went with Ethan to Bible School on Monday but it was hard to wrestle him and the baby. He likes it but he doesn't like waiting his turn for something, he doesn't like to sit and listen to explanations or stories. It was hot and after 3 hours of handling him and Reese I was exhausted so last night just Addison and Caden went. Ethan cried a little bit but he got over it fast. He got some time home alone with Mommy and Daddy and I treated him to McDonald's. Tonight he's going to Grammy's to play while I go back to shop with Reese but I think I might take him back to Bible School on Thursday. That way he went 3 out of the 5 days and got to experience some things. If they would only dance and sing to the video they have there the entire time, he would be perfect!
Wish me luck shopping and I'm only buying bargains!

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Candi Ladwig said...

Reese and Hallie have that polka dot shirt and it is one of their favorites! As soon as it is clean they are wearing it again!

We are moving to Urbandale (basically Des Moines). No secret... just forget to mention :)