Thursday, July 24, 2008

Catch up time

Funny how sometimes I can blog every day or every more than once a day but once you stop for a day or two it's hard to get going on it again. Sorry for my extended absence . . . I'm sure you're dying to know the intricate goings on in our life the last few days.

Aaron and I decided we didn't argue and fight enough so we thought roofing our house would be the perfect way to add more controversy and we were right. I don't even know why we are arguing about it because it's not like I'm up there on the roof with him although at this point I'm about to get up and there and just do it . . . he borrowed a scissor lift machine from work and all it does is break down. By the time his work gets it back it will be newly refurbished -- good for them! The weather has not been cooperating . . . Neil, our neighbor (who is probably ready to move so he's not our neighbor) offered to help us and Aaron isn't quite sure how to do it perfectly he's relying on Neil to show him how. We've only been discussing reroofing our home for 7 years. The day we moved in it was raining and there was a waterfall in our downstairs bathroom. The seller who happens to be another neighbor offered to pay for half of reroofing that part of our house (our playroom and the bathroom). We picked a completely different color of shingles for the new part with the intention of reroofing the rest of our home soon. We have gotten bids 3 or 4 years in a row. Why we didn't do it before the kids were born and we had more money and time -- I don't know but now the cost is outrageous even "friend's" bids were as much as big companies. Our roof is super steep and nobody wants to get up there including Aaron. Neil said he could save us thousands by doing it ourselves and he's right the materials were $6000 less than the entire bid. Of course if we keep putting money into the scissor lift our savings may be eaten up who knows!

The kids and I headed to Keely and Jeremy's for the weekend so we would be out of the way of the roofing. We mostly just hung out and played and Keely and I scrapped. I made 3-1/2 layouts. We stayed up until 3 am on Friday and until 1 am on Saturday. We really shouldn't do that but it doesn't happen very often. Addison and Caden slept in their Ready Beds at their house really well and we figured out that a crib tent does fit on the pack and play good enough to keep Ethan in so he doesn't have an all night party like he has the last few times we've gone there. Hopefully soon Ethan can use his ready bed too. We had a nice time and took them all to the park too. Jeffie had fun swinging -- he's so cute he just started walking not too long ago and he tries to keep up with the 3 year olds but that's hard when there's 4 of them running and screaming all over the place!

Keely and Jeremy still had a garage full of tubs of left over yard sale stuff to donate to Goodwill. So we filled up my van and Keely went and dropped it off. I took a bunch of the left-over baby clothes to sell at my yard sale next month and now Jeremy almost has his garage back. We brought back 5 tubs of baby clothes plus all the stuff we took and so there wasn't much breathing room for the kids. In this photo you can barely see all 4 kids but if you look closely you can see the top of each one of their heads.

We went and got haircuts this week. Addison bangs are almost down to her chin so I asked if her hair could be cut one length. So it was. It looks so cute. I don't think we'll have all the tears with the tangles as much and it certainly doesn't look as stringy as it did before. Aaron said he was surprised I cut it but my opinion is it's just hair it will grow back anyway. I think Addison likes it quite a bit too!

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Chrissi said...

Oh how cute is she?! I remember when Brooke got her hair bobbed for the first time! Oh, I baked a strawberry cake - whewee, rich!