Thursday, July 17, 2008

Here's your Sign:

I sometimes feel like I should attach the above sign to me and my kids when we go out in public. This was the case yesterday at the zoo. Same questions over and over again. I guess most people don't take 4 children to public places alone. Maybe I was drawing a lot of attention because Caden and Addison were always about 25 feet ahead and Ethan was 25 feet behind and I am yelling both ways to "slow down and wait" or "hurry up"! I know people are interested but it's hard to keep your eye on the kids and listen to them while complete strangers want every detail about our life. I want to be nice but I am a little bit busy and they all know because every single person says "you've got your hands full" or "you must be busy". I know people are just trying to be nice but it becomes extremely annoying when it happens every time you go somewhere and it's all you hear. At least yesterday, no one said the "If I had triplets, I'd kill myself" line that us multiple moms hear quite often. I don't even know how to respond to that statement when people say that.

Even so the zoo was pretty fun. It was a million degrees and Reese instantly turned bright red after about 2 minutes of being there. She finally fell asleep for a little while.

We saw the giraffes run around their pen for a little bit. Those animals are just awesome but to see them run is breathtaking. The baby monkey we saw a few months is getting bigger and still very cute!

We spent a long time in the Reptile House because we were out of the sun for a while and I am thinking I should invest in a Water Monitor. A Water Monitor is this alligator looking reptile that my kids thought was the best thing ever because it was trying to climb the glass. They laughed and giggled so much!
One of the highlights for me are these giant fans the zoo has has that also spray a mist of water on you. I wouldn't mind having one of these in our yard. It was very hard to walk away from and Ethan loved it a lot too!

We rode the train but I had told them earlier (several times) that we would not be able to ride the carousel since I couldn't hold the baby and lift them all up onto a horse and hold on to them all during the ride. They were very good about it as we passed it and didn't cry a bit about it. I let them play on the playground equipment for a while at the end but didn't get any photos since some mom was doing research for my unauthorized biography. Addison had a total meltdown outside the zoo door and fell into a pile in the driveway and I contemplated leaving her there especially when she wouldn't get up and follow us to the van. Finally we all got in and blasted the a/c and we all felt better.

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Kim said...

It looks like you had a great trip to the zoo! And I'm sure you've heard all kinds of comments about having multiples... :)