Monday, July 7, 2008

tiny toes

Trying to catch up from the busy weekend and get back into the routine of things like preschool today after not being there for 2 whole weeks. Lots of stuff to do but I am determined to do some "play time" for myself in scrapbooking, sewing, and other fun stuff this week. So I thought I'd catch up on a little paperwork today before the fun starts. I had to make copies of the kids' hospital birth records for something. I was surprised how emotional I got when I looked at Ethan's footprints and even more so when I compared it to Reese's footprints.Reese weighed 6 lbs 0 oz and was 19 inches long born at 39+ weeks gestation.

Ethan weighed 2 lbs 6.6 oz and was 15 inches long born at 32 weeks 6 days gestation.

It's so amazing the difference. I guess at the time the triplets were born there was so much going on with all three of them and even though we knew things were touch and go with Ethan in the beginning, I don't think a lot of it sinks in or maybe it's more of a defense thing not to let it sink in order to keep hoping. Maybe I'm more emotional now thinking of all the things he went through and how he looked in that NICU isolette and how horrible it was to see him so sick and not understand everything that was going on and what the future held for this little boy while at the same time trying to keep tabs on Addison and Caden who were small too but in no way had any of the problems Ethan did. Maybe it's because now I see him jumping and talking and learning and laughing and I can be more relieved that he's going to be okay. Maybe now that I had Reese who didn't start off 2 months behind and is a healthy baby meeting her milestones, I see how scary it can be to have a preemie . . . I didn't really know the difference since preemies were all I knew. Or maybe it's just because I am a mom and that's the way we are built . . .

Ethan still has tiny feet and I love every inch of them!


Penny Smith said...

WHAT a great NICU picture! It is always powerful to read and hear people NICU stories! WOW!

the goodie box girls said...

Those little feet are soooo sweet :)