Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Strawberry Cake

The kids and I made this yesterday:

It looks so pretty and it tasted pretty good. I never make homemade frosting but this recipe sounded easy and it made a ton so I could cover up my mistakes on the cake but it was super rich and a little sliver is about all anyone could stand. Even my kids, who are the sweetest of all sweet tooths, couldn't eat all the frosting on their pieces. I really like to cook. I'm not so much into baking but baking is a good activity to do with kids since there is so much measuring, pouring, stirring, and best of all licking (the spoons). You can teach counting and fractions and reading (recipes) and time for baking when you cook with them. They are at the stage where they are learning the names of ingredients and taking turns pouring and stirring. They really are help with it too. I can have them get out the egg carton in the fridge and yesterday Addison could keep the mixer bowl turning while I washed the dishes. Ethan isn't too much into helping yet but I think in the next few months he will be more interested. Caden ran and grabbed their play apron while we baking -- so cute!
The internet once again has inspired me on the cooking front. I would like to do more and more food from scratch (the cake above used a mix). I like to cook and I think I'm pretty good at it. I easily become bored making the same foods over and over again and I enjoy trying new things. I'm not the type of person that orders the same thing at a restaurant -- I like to venture out (not too far out). I'm not a perfectionist at cooking I add and subtract ingredients and amounts and eyeball some stuff too. That's why I don't like to bake -- you have to be precise in baking but cooking in general is all up for interpretation. Cooking does take some time but mainly it takes more planning which is ultimately the time-user-upper especially if you are going to cook from scratch. Menu planning, grocery shopping, recipe reading and planning all take huge amounts of time so maybe this is not the perfect time to start but I am collecting ideas and sites to visit. Joy the Baker is where I got the cake recipe from, it's a fun place but beware the photos of her food look really good! Even Reese wanted to try a piece of that strawberry cake:


Joy the Baker said...

Your cake came out beautifully! I love that you made it with the kiddies! You've got the magic touch! Keep it up!

Chrissi said...

Just spent some time on her website. Cool place. I'll be a frequent visitor. I think I'll try making this cake, too. Yummy!

Rachel said...

Oh yum, that cake looks so good Mindy! Baking always seems so much better than cooking dinner.