Monday, July 28, 2008

Guess who's going to Vacation Bible School?

If you answered these three,

you'd be partly correct. They all went last night but tonight Mommy and Reese are going too, at least for a while. They are attending Bible School at Aaron's Parents' church and it is from 5 to 8 this week. I wondered how they'd do but they were super excited and I was thinking a 3 hour break each night might be nice. Aaron and I dropped them off last night and we both worried that the church may burst into flames when the Murray kids walked in since we still haven't made church a priority in our family (but we plan to soon). After we got them all settled and we went out to eat with just the baby, ahhhh heaven and made a small trip to Target -- it was so nice not to have to chase after everybody and actually look at stuff. We made it back to the church and the teachers told me that Ethan had some issues. Basically he didn't want to do anything they were doing. It doesn't surprise me, he usually has his own agenda. He had to have his own attendant all night, (I'm sure that Jeanette was tired when she went to bed last night!) So tonight I think Reese and I will hang around for all or part of Bible School and if he doesn't do well again, he may be a Bible School Dropout. On the other hand Addison had a great time and I think Caden did too although he became quite "sad" when he saw us. We were given a CD of songs they are listening to at Bible School and Addison was so happy on the way home when she heard the words, "thankful" and "faith". At least somebody getting something out of it and maybe tonight I will too!

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Keely said...

That was nice for you guys to get a break. Sorry Ethan has other plans! Maybe the newness will have worn off and tonight will be better!

Have I mentioned that I love Addison's hair? How cute is she?