Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Crunch Time Again

Two weeks have passed and my cleaning lady is coming today! So we are picking up for her so she can get to those dirty surfaces but I must say that this time it has been so much easier. Really my house stayed decently clean -- it does need it again but it looks pretty darn good still. Having the whole house cleaned gave me the motivation to keep things cleaned and picked up better -- I said better not perfect! It was such a boost to my psyche that I was able to do other "projects" that normally would just get put on the back burner for weeks and months. I rehung photos (some that were leaning against walls on the floor), I made artwork, I scrapbooked, I rearranged the kids' room and their play closet yesterday. I'm sure there's more too but I can't remember. I still need to clean out those stuffed closets and I start to hyperventilate if I have to open them so I try not to do that but Grammy has offered to watch the kids next week maybe I could do a speed clean of the worst closet while they play there. Heck, I even have more energy overall. The whole cluttered, dirty house was draining. I'm still working on the decluttering but it's coming along -- it's definitely a process, one that is ongoing. So with all my extra energy I'm off to take the kids to the zoo in the 90 degree heat but it will wear them out!

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