Sunday, July 13, 2008

I'm back, BABY!

well back with some scrapbooking energy that is. I found this challenge on Stacy Julian's blog last week and I thought I have 15 minutes to create a page. I based it on Monday's blog entry about Ethan's feet. It took me a little more time than 15 minutes but not much and I didn't stress over any of it -- I just threw it together! I hope to get more scrappin' done this week since I cleaned off my scrap desk AGAIN --I know -- how many times have I said I wouldn't let it get so bad?

Journaling reads:

The other day I ran across the footprints on your birth certificate and I became quite emotional after I compared them to your brother and sisters’ footprints. My, how tiny you were: all of 2 pounds 6.6 ounces. All the memories of you being born so small rushed back to me and brought tears to my eyes when I think of how you looked in the NICU isolette with all the tubes and wires hooked to you. We were told you probably wouldn’t make it but you did. We were told many scary things about what your future held but as of today, your future looks pretty darn bright. You’re talking and laughing and playing and learning and running and jumping and wearing us out. You are one challenging little boy at times but you are also one sweet and loving little boy too. You sleep hard and you play even harder – everything to the extreme. You love life and you do things your own way but I love that about you. You do have a zest for life that is definitely different than others.
Right now you love:
*being naked, anywhere, anytime
*Dora, Diego, and SpongeBob
*Eating: especially meat off pizza and fruit
*dogs: big or small doesn’t matter
*playing in the sandbox
*dancing to the Wiggles
*watching yourself in the mirror while pretending to sleep, eat, dance or talk on the phone
*Running away from us in stores (although it’s getting better)
*Your Papa Ronn
*Saying, “Stop, Wait, Where are you going?” at the top of your lungs
*Being dramatic whether it’s fake crying or choking or laughing. You even like to run with open arms to someone saying their name – like a commercial.
*not wearing shoes

. . . you still have tiny feet . . .

i love you and those feet


Keely said...

Looks cute! Keep up the good work!
Did you scan his birth certificate for the imprints of his feet or is that a stamp???

Penny Smith said...

This is great!!!