Saturday, July 5, 2008

Firecracker Day

We had one busy 4th of July! Aaron worked on painting the fence most of the day. The kids and I painted too but we made fireworks pictures with paint and glitter. They loved it and they turned out so cool. We are going to hang them up somewhere. I got the idea here.

We walked to the town cemetery which isn't really that far unless you are pushing a stroller and trying to get three kids to follow you there. Ethan, who normally runs everywhere, suddenly becomes a 90 year old man who can barely walk when we are on a mission. Anyway for patriotic holidays they line the cemetery road with flags. It looks so neat and the kids loved it and ran all the way down the road.

For lunch we made Bomb Pop drinks. The were really fun to make and the kids were so patient. Here's the recipe and Aaron and I thought they tasted yummy!

On Thursday we made t-shirts. I let the kids do it (except Reese) and they were fun. Too bad they didn't stay on long once we got to Grammy and Papa's house -- too hot in the Bounce house and then Grammy had gotten them new shirts -- Hulk beat out the stars. We'll keep wearing them throughout the summer anyway. The directions to make these shirts can be found here. Too bad the shirts turned out better than the photo . . . oh well.

We went to Grammy and Papa's house for a BBQ and to play with cousins. Then we watched the fireworks. Last year Caden and Addison were scared and Ethan loved them (for the first time, he used to ignore them). We have been discussing the fireworks for days and how they can be loud but they are pretty. They were fine once they got going and once again Ethan loved them and said on every one "Here it goes" loud enough for the entire neighborhood to hear. Reese liked them too.

It was a long day filled with lots of fun events. Hope you had just as much fun!

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Penny Smith said...

Looks like you had a great weekend! DANG girl! You are crafty! Are you going to homeschool then?? You were mentioning pre-school... I have new respect! :)