Friday, July 11, 2008

Favorite Thing Friday

I guess I have what is considered by today's standards a large family. I don't think 6 people in one family as large until we go into restaurants and have to wait forever, even when it's not that busy, for a table. Or buying a vehicles that can hold 4 carseats -- it's hard to find one (ours can hold one more but that would require completely taking out one carseat every time someone wanted in or out of the backseat along with LOTS of sweating and cussing). So that's how I'm formulating the large family opinion. Then I found out here the average American household size is 2.61 people and since we're over double that so I guess my family is HUGE! Another way I came to the conclusion that our family is big is when I recently decided we should start the tradition of family Sunday breakfast. Sometimes we go out, the kids like IHOP but it's an hour away and last time it took over 45 minutes to get our food and I overheard the waitress telling other customers that it was taking so long because it was Sunday -- HELLO? -- isn't that when most people go out for breakfast? On the weekend? Maybe I'm wrong, I don't think so, but maybe . . . After waiting forever for a table then some more time waiting on food with 4 HUNGRY kids it best if most of the time we eat breakfast in. I like to make pancakes, bacon or sausage, eggs, toast, etc. This is a difficult task because everything takes a while to cook on the stove and you have to do it separately . . . and when your cooking for a large family you need a pound of bacon or sausage. That's a daunting task when most skillets can't hold much bacon or sausage at once and the more you put in the longer it takes to cook. Pancakes create another problem too because I can only cook one or two at a time by the time I get a few cooked the first ones are either cold or devoured . . . and I end up standing endlessly at the stove, have a million pans dirty and eating by myself. Not exactly the way I pictured our breakfast tradition.

So as the kids and I were searching the aisles of Target for a father's day present, I stumbled upon this:I know Aaron wasn't exactly thrilled when he opened it but I told him why I got it (along with golf balls and a shirt) and that it would be easier to flip his over-easy eggs on it and he seemed to understand my thinking -- after all isn't it the thought that counts? So our breakfasts have been easier, as I can cook a whole pound of bacon at once and several pancakes and we don't have to eat grilled cheese in shifts anymore either. Happy Father's Day to me every Sunday and Daddy is not complaining about me fixing a big breakfast either! Now I need a really good blueberry pancake recipe (or any other pancake recipes) -- please share!

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