Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Blog Feeds . . . Revolutionary

well they are to me. I'm not even going to try to go into depth to explain about blog feeds but last week I emailed simple mom because she seems to be a guru on saving time and having brilliant ideas that work for me and I asked her how can I read blogs in a timely way without having to go back and check some several times a day. Some people update everyday or more and others are luckily to check in a couple times a month. My blogs were saved in various folders (to make it more complicated) in my "favorites". Since I have the world's worst memory sometimes I couldn't remember if I had checked some of them or not or sometimes time runs out and I don't get through them all. Then at night when I'm getting super tired I'm spending 45 minutes going through every blog to see if it's updated. . . I know I need to get a life! Anyway simple mom answered my question and told me about Google Reader which is about the best thing I've ever heard of . . . at least today it is. It took me a little more than an hour to get it all set up and now I go to one place and it tells me if any of my favorite blogs have been updated and I can read them right there from Google Reader. To leave a comment I just click on there site but it's so simple. I even added that feature to my blog so other people can subscribe to my blog if they want through a feed. Anyway if you want to save a bunch of time reading blogs go to simple mom's site and she fills you all in on how to do it!


Laura said...

Girl, I could've sworn I told you about bloglines why back when you got high speed. Same idea, different web site.
Don't you feel all organized now? Not afraid you are missing out any more, I love it too! Life is good :)

DeWitt Family said...

I had just read my simple mom feed and read the somment from a Mindy...To be honest I was thinking of you and sure enough I get on your site and it was you. SMALL WORLD! I have to get that set up!

Rachel said...

it definitely does save a lot of time to use a blog reader! I love tips like these that help me save time so I can enjoy reading blogs, but not spend too much time away from my family.