Friday, July 25, 2008

Favorite Thing Friday

I normally don't buy as seen on TV products as many of them turn out to be not so great but Keely's SIL said she loved this and then Marie from Make and Takes said she loved it too so I broke down and got mine at Walgreens. It's the PedEgg that will make your feet much more summer-like. Seriously it works and if you don't believe me my BIL, Jeremy, is considering on becoming the next spokesperson for this product. He was using Keely's while we were visiting last weekend and I think he could do a commercial for it. He even has ideas on how to improve it some even though it does work really well as is. It's basically a cheese grater for your feet but it doesn't hurt at all and it gets rid of all that dry, yucky dead skin. I've seen it sold at Walmart and CVS too and CVS had the replacement blades 3 for $10. So if your feet need some summer pampering pick one up -- if you're still unsure call Jeremy, he'll talk you into it!

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Candi Ladwig said...

thanks for posting this!! i have been going back and forth everytime i see them in walmart! guess you pushed me over :)

Hope you had fun Saturday, see ya again soon!