Monday, March 17, 2008

There's a party going on . . .

in our ears -- ear infections are us! All 3 of them were REALLY sick last night and went to bed an hour early. They were burning up and you'd think a mother of 4 would have a thermometer that worked correctly -- I didn't. I had to check on them about a million times last night because I was so worried about having a high fever. This morning I knew they needed to go to the doctor because I had to carry Ethan downstairs and he wouldn't move off the couch even with Tylenol. Luckily we got in this morning. I had some issues with HOW I was going to physically get them there though. I wasn't sure if Ethan and Addison could walk all the way from the parking lot to the doctor's office. Our choo choo wagon is super hard to get out of the elevator and if I took the double stroller I didn't think I could push it, carry Reese's carseat, and hold Caden's hand. Aaron still wasn't home at 8:30 am even though he's supposed to be here around 4:30 am and my in-laws were missing in action. I decided I would leave Reese with Aaron (who finally came home at 9) and they could both nap. Then on our way Grammy and Papa rescued us. Grammy met us at the doctor's office and Papa came to our house to stay with Reese. Caden has one really infected ear, Addison has one ear with fluid (infection coming), and Ethan's has a double whammy with both ears being really infected. We had to go to Walmart to get medicine and after some chicken nuggets they are all in bed napping. Still hoping Reese and Mommy and Daddy stay healthy! And I did buy a working thermometer at Walmart!

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