Saturday, March 15, 2008


Caden has had a little fever since Wednesday. He's just been laying around not wanting to do much and needing a few extra hugs. He doesn't want to eat anything and continually says "My tummy hurts". Today Grammy offered to watch all of them while I did some shopping (Thanks, Grammy). They were tired when I picked them up and went right to bed when we arrived home. I had to wake them up after 2-1/2 hours and all of them were sick. I had been to Toys R Us today for cousin birthday shopping and got each of the kids a rare small surprise. They liked what I got them but they felt too yucky to play. I gave them all "shots" (medicine cups) of Motrin and they are feeling a little better but I think we are going to be playing it low for the next few days. Hopefully, Reese, Aaron, and I stay healthy {and no one starts throwing up!!!}

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Chrissi said...

Love the new look of your blog! If I had any idea how to do this and put pictures on, maybe I would do my own!! Hope the kids are feeling better. Poor things! Cute pic though of them laying around! Addison is sooo big!