Monday, March 10, 2008

Room Rearranging = Serenity Now

More Seinfeld reruns! My husband told me yesterday he would only be working 9 hours instead of his normal 11 so he would be home at 2:30 am instead of 4:30 am. With extra sleep, he agreed that he could take the older kids to preschool and Reese and I would get to stay home for 2-1/2 hours. I was so excited and made my "cleaning" list and I knew that I would accomplish so much during that time like I did last week which in turn would make me feel so less stressed. Well he didn't understand that his crew was working 11 not 9 hours. When I woke up at 3:30 am, he still wasn't home and didn't answer his phone I was super worried but he called me back. There was no way he could take the kids to school. We only have 5 days of preschool left so I took them but was disappointed that I didn't get my "me" time {isn't it sad that I'm referring to cleaning time as "me" time now?} So I know he needs his sleep but he was walking a thin line today when he got up and I was rushing around to fix lunch and doing several other things at the same time and he says "Is there anything I can do to help you?" I said "Are you serious???? Look at our house, pick something!" According to him the mess isn't bothering him. Really? I'm not shocked since he is hardly here and when he is, his eyes are closed the majority of the time. I can't even walk around or set anything down. It's probably a good thing he had to leave for work again. I had planned to rearrange some furniture in the dining room today then I had to move some things around in the playroom because Ethan is standing on the train table to climb and stand on the window sills. Then I decided to move furniture in the living room. I love moving around furniture because you get to really clean under stuff and piles of stuff get put away and it just makes everything new again. I have never done 3 rooms at once which may have been a mistake because at 7 pm there's still a lot to do. Caden and Addison would not nap today -- it's hard to push around large furniture with 3 year olds who will not move for anything. Aaron used to hate it when I moved the furniture and actually would tell me I couldn't do it or it wouldn't work. I realized he didn't like it because no one in his family moves their rooms of furniture around. I didn't know that people left things in the same place all the time. My mom and grandma moved stuff all the time. I guess you do what you're used to. If he's wise, he won't make one negative comment about our room arrangements when he comes home -- maybe he won't even notice since he's so tired. So once I get things figured out a little better my house may look a somewhat better but one thing is for sure there are too many people in this house with way too much stuff! The rearranging is already making me feel like I have a few more things under control -- just a few.

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