Thursday, March 6, 2008

Now I know my problem . . .

it's momnesia! You're thinking "what?" But there was a segment about momnesia on the Today Show this morning. Here I thought I was just scatterbrained but it was getting to the point of being really embarrassing at times. Like forgetting the diaper bag when going somewhere, not remembering an appointment, misplacing your keys, etc. I have done all these things and more. Like once we went to spend a few day's at Keely's house and forgot to bring high chairs, I've "hidden" things around the house from the kids and then can't remember where I put them, I've said their birthdates wrong, and just today I couldn't remember if I spelled Reese's name with a "s" or a "c". Many times I have trouble coming up with words when speaking or typing but it's on the tip on my tongue. I'm one of those people who can tell you a name begins with a certain letter but it may take me hours or days to come up with it -- usually I will just takes a while. I was seriously beginning to think I had some major problem. My grandma has Alzheimer's and I wondered if I was having early onset of that -- no kidding. But it turns out studies show that there's this "stew" of hormones when your pregnant and for a while postpartum and if you are breastfeeding (which I am) it continues. Now sleep deprivation plays a part too but I have the world's best baby who is sleeping completely through the night -- last night I had to wake her after she slept over 9 hours straight). The other major factor that affects women with toddlers is stress -- well there's my answer. Having little kids is stressful and since I have 3 the same age -- many times it's three times as stressful! Glad I found my answer! Good news is I have never forgotten a child anywhere yet but I do a headcount at least once during every trip making sure I have all 4!

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