Monday, March 3, 2008

I Love Mondays!

If you read my blog by now you know I am a bit out of the ordinary on things so here's another odd thing about me . . . I love Mondays! Don't hear too many people say that. Even when I taught school I liked them. I find Monday to be my most productive day -- the day I get stuff done. I guess I feel organized and refreshed after the weekend and it's a new beginning but it all evens out because about Thursday is when I feel everything is falling apart and I can't get one thing done and I'm super tired. I haven't done anything lately at night when the kids go to bed -- I think a few times I have been asleep by 9:30 which is ridiculous! So far today I have done 3 loads of laundry, showered, ate breakfast, scrubbed a bathroom, emptied the dishwasher, picked up the dining room, put away clothes, fed the baby twice, and got the trio out the door to go to school with Daddy! That was all done by 11 am! There are days when if we get dressed and I feed the baby we are doing well. You know you are doing well when 3 year olds say "Mommy you cleaned?!" I love Aaron taking them to school -- I wish he could do it all the time but today he starts working his 80+ hours a week. Most days he leaving here a little after 2pm and getting home after 4am -- this is nonstop 7 days a week for a little more than 3 weeks. It's going to be rough on us all. He's going to have to sleep and I'm going to have to keep the kids away from him while he tries to do that. I may lose my mind dealing with the kids alone for that many hours a day but it's short time and it's such good money especially when we were down to pennies when he was laid off. Now we can "catch up" on bills and save some in case there's no work again when this job is over. I guess there's people who just do these types of jobs at power plant shut downs and work about 6 months out of the year and they make so much money they can take the other 6 months off and he suggested maybe he should travel to the next one or two (Chicago and Rockford) and I said well only if you think you'll make enough to pay all my psychiatry bills too. Being alone with 4 kids 3 and under all the time is rough and stressful -- heck it's stressful when we are both home.

Happy Birthday to our nephew and cousin, Blaine, he turned 4! We went to his party at a tumbling center which I am considering moving into since Ethan can jump away there. They had a good time but tons of sugar, being tired, and not being "my" birthday lead to a couple criers at the end {my children not anyone else's}. I thought Ethan would have had his fill on jumping for a while but the second we get home what does he do? Jump on the couch, of course! The party was fun!

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