Friday, March 14, 2008

Keely to the Rescue!

On Tuesday, at 8 am somebody was knocking at my door. I was getting dressed and Addison and Caden were yelling from downstairs that somebody was here. Sometimes they open the door even if it's locked so I kept saying "wait a second". Then they yelled "it's aunt Keely!" As I come down the stairs I say, "it's not Keely" and I open the door and there's Keely, Jeffrey, and Jackson. Jackson says "SURPRISE!" She got up at 4 am and got her 11 month and almost 3 year old up at 5 am to come here and save me from my own insanity! I guess I had complained on the phone, in emails, and on my blog a little too much about Aaron being gone. We got all the kids ready and took all 6 of them (in 2 vehicles) to playgroup and then out to eat (McDonald's of course) afterwards. Then when they all took a nap she wanted me to go do something by myself. Of course ding-dong me says "well what will I do?" I did find a few things to do, I could have just drove around in the van by myself and that would have been good enough. Then after we put the kids to bed we scrapped a little and stayed up way too late (1:30 am) and they left after lunch the next day. It was so thoughtful of her to make the 3 hour trip here to save me! Just having some fun adult conversation was a break. It really helped and I feel much better now! Thanks, Keely!

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