Saturday, March 29, 2008

Do you think I have a problem?

Hi, my name is Mindy and I'm addicted to taking photos (whew -- glad I got that off my chest). I have taken 640 photos in March so far -- hey, there's two whole days left I can get at least 100 more taken in just two days. In February I took over 900. We don't even go anywhere like on vacation or anything most of them are just ordinary shots from home. Now that 900 photos probably has at least half that are weird photos I took of things like scrapbook pages, blog photos like soda cans, lotion, or Easter eggs, and just bad photos that all need to be deleted. I'm really not a very good photographer at all and the lighting in my house is horrible. I have to take about 20 if there is just one person involved and 20 more for each person in the photo to get just one sort of decent one. My kids are the worst at wanting to get their photo taken (unless their brother or sister is holding the camera then they are all about posing and smiling just too bad the photographer usually has their finger over the lense or is aiming at their feet). All I can say it's a good thing that digital cameras were invented. I don't print very many of my photos either; they are all on the computer. I usually on print the ones that I want to scrapbook, but even then I hardly ever get around to using them. If I printed all the photos I took, we need to build on to our house just for photos and Aaron would need a second job to pay for the developing. When the triplets were first born I used to print them all, and then so I would remember I'd write their names on the back and the date and then put them in an album. I couldn't keep up and we can't afford to do that. In the beginning of January I decided in my quest to simplify I would go through each month's photos at the end of the month to delete the ones I didn't want and upload my very favorites that month to a photo site like Walgreens or just in case my computer crashes and I lose all my photos then I'll at least have my favorites. I thought when I did January of 2008 that I would go back and do all the Januarys (2005, 2006, 2007). I started and never finished January of 2008. Story of my life, good intentions, but little time with too many interruptions always makes me fall short of my goals. I just need to keep plugging away I guess.

Oh and good news Reese finally pooped today (I'm sure you're dying to know that). 8 days -- she beat her old record of 6 days! She is much happier now -- who wouldn't be?


Keely said...

Thank God! It's about time! I can't even imagine how she must have felt. Don't even want to think about it!

Chrissi said...

At least you take a lot of pictures! I sure haven't. I think I'm trying to make up for lost time now that I have this blog!! I never print mine off either, hope my computer never crashes!!