Sunday, March 16, 2008

My Splurge!

I don't buy much for myself (except some scrapbooking stuff) but yesterday while shopping I decided I would go to Bath & Body Works. I needed some good lotion! I love their body creams and I haven't had any for almost a year. Keely got me some OTC lotion with all her couponing and bargain shopping and it was okay but nothing compares to that body cream. I think I must be a decedent of an alligator because my skin is so dry and scaly -- sorry TMI. Plus it smells really good and since I don't get daily showers I probably need some nice aromas on me. I was starting to get a complex because Addison has superhero strength smelling abilities (which must be equal to Aunt Keely's extra sensitive ears). She is always asking me "what's that smell, Mama?" Of course, I never know. Yesterday she asked me that when I was putting on her shoes. I did shower yesterday so I didn't think I smelled bad but I had her smell my hair and my arm. Who knows -- maybe I do stink and don't know it! Well if I did, the cream should help. I got 4 bottles -- you know Bath & Body Works and their scams, buy 3 get one free deal. It was a big chunk of change for us to spend on lotions but that should last me a few months -- or a whole year considering how often I get to shower!

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