Friday, March 28, 2008

I don't know how Horton could hear a darn thing!

We did it, we took them to the movies! We saw "Horton Hears a Who". It's a good thing there were only 2 other sets of people in the theater with us and they turn up the movie volume REALLY LOUD. Actually for 3 years old they did pretty well but we took up about 10 seats because Addison and Caden kept moving seats. We sat in the first row of the stadium seats and there was a railing in front us which doubled as monkey bars. Ethan giggled and giggled at some parts (he likes violence like where the monkeys are trying to stop Horton with bananas) and he pretty much sat on Daddy's lap the entire movie. Caden thought we were at home and took off his shoes then I found his socks laying in the aisle -- just like home. We brought contra ban candy and drinks (from Walmart) and purchased the biggest bucket of popcorn ($12.75 with 2 gigantic sodas -- Yikes!) at the theater but I forgot to bring little bags to share the popcorn so there was a big deal of who would hold the bucket and a lot of "Hey!" when someone reached in to get more popcorn. Ethan ate a whole box of Whoppers by himself so we'll see how long until he throws up later tonight. We made it through the whole movie but 90 minutes is about our limit. Getting them out of the theater proved to be a problem as they were running up and down the rows of seats plus all our stuff doubled while we were in there I think and trying to pack up and carry everything was a challenge. The theater employees probably wondered why it looked like they had a full house when there was a total of 10 people as we left quite the mess. The baby even liked the movie, she watched for a while before she ate and went to sleep. Aaron says we'll have to buy the movie when it comes out on DVD so he can watch it. I'm not sure what he was doing during the movie but I managed to see it and that was with making 3 trips to the bathroom and purchasing popcorn.

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Chrissi said...

What an accomplishment!! Glad they had fun! Inflation has set in on the movie theaters - holy cow! Nothing that $50 wouldn't buy, huh?