Thursday, March 27, 2008

4 months already?

Can you believe Reese turned 4 months old today?
I can't believe time is going so fast. She is still a great sleeper and continues to sleep in her crib at night. I have yet to get her on a "strict schedule" although I know about when she is tired and hungry. It's so different than with the triplets but a schedule is a must with multiples. But she's getting to the age where I need to get her some set times to sleep but she pretty much can sleep anywhere still when she's tired and with a TON of noise going on (imagine that, it's noisy here) -- it's not like she has to be put to bed or anything. Our main problem is the last few weeks with sickness and Daddy being gone we just kind of did whatever, whenever. Some days we get up at 7 am and sometimes it's almost 9. Reese must be working on teeth, she is a slobbering fool. She's still super happy (except today a little cranky because she hasn't pooped in 5 days -- she usually poops twice a week -- Tuesdays and Sundays but this week she missed her Tuesday poop -- FYI my doctor says breastfed babies can go 12 days and not poop and it's okay, let's hope that doesn't happen here). She is loving to play with toys and she LOVES her siblings so much and the feeling is totally mutual from all of them! I hope that it all continues.

Speaking of growing fast the older kids had their preschool screening today to qualify for preschool in the fall. They all went with the teachers to "play games" with no problems. I had trouble getting Ethan away from the therapist when he was done though. The therapist said he did well on some things and some things he didn't do. He is a talking fool but it's hard to understand him since his speech is not very clear. One of his favorite phrases, besides the word "stuck", is "shut up". We only say it to our cat and I didn't think we said it that much but that's something he's picked up and pretty much tells everyone to "shut up" I've even heard him say "shut up, baby" to Reese. I'm sure that won't be the only colorful phrase out of his mouth but he's probably saving it all up when he goes to school. I peeked into one of the preschool classrooms and it looked cute and fun. I think they will love it if they qualify to go there. I'm wanting half days this year because they still have another year to go after that and I'm sure their preschool teacher/s will thank me for only sending them half days too. I'm ready and I feel they're ready -- All Aboard has really prepared all of us for it. I'm excited and am already planning on what I will do everyday with more than 3 hours of free time with only one child!


Chrissi said...

Wow! 4 months already. Where did the time go? I heard you were going to the PreK screening. Glad it went well. My kids both qualified so I'm sure yours will, too. Speech alone is a qualifier and being a multiple and preemie is, too. You're a shoe in!!! They would love it. Half days would be the way to go I think! We've gotta get in there to see them. I see them on the computer screen and I'm 2 miles away! Ridiculous!

Cathi said...

Love the ears!!! I don't know why my boys won't wear theirs anymore:) Your kids could not get any cuter.

Cathi said...

Oh my gosh!!! I did it my first comment. Watch out now I can leave a message, but seriously I am not stocking you:)