Friday, January 29, 2010

Strange People

I live with some strange people.

This is what Ethan looked like for bed tonight. He has started to wear Aaron's work stocking cap to bed every night. Tonight he wanted his pajama top left mostly unbuttoned, Aaron asked him if he wanted to be a "player" ....
it's hard to be mad at him for coming down the stairs for the bazillionth time asking me to fix Buzz's wing, when he looks like this He's very odd.

Here's another odd duck. She went upstairs and carried down a stool all by herself. She walks past me as if this was an every day occurrence. I go to see what she was doing. She was helping herself to another piece of pizza on the kitchen counter.
Notice the no pants
but that's not true when you pull up her shirt you see she took off her pull-up and put on some of Addison's underwear.
She walks around like that .... looks so comfortable, doesn't it? (She's also wearing 2 pairs of socks.)

And here's where it comes from --- their dad. We are in the process of cleaning the basement (#18 on the list). Aaron didn't work today so he worked in the basement some. After the kids went to bed, I went down to help. It's hard to watch him go through his stuff ... oh the things he owns. And in his defense he is getting rid of more than I thought he would but seriously what is with collecting beer bottles and matchbooks and coasters and Nascar cars and posters ....
oh if you could see the posters he has. He did throw some away but he's 37 not 17! I asked him why he was keeping them and the answer is sometime he is going to hang them up. I wanted to know where because most homes aren't going to have that much wall space ..... ever! He thinks he will hang them in a garage .... hmmmmm, won't that be pretty? After I went through a huge container of video tapes that he said he wasn't getting rid of any of them at all ..... and then he okayed to get rid of about half of them, many of them were movies taped on blank tapes ... luckily he decided all those could go, as well as, the entire Lethal Weapon series. Now if I could just get him to get rid of the Nascar tire we have in our basement. Yes, that's right we have a real racing tire bet most of you can't say that ... very strange.

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Laura said...

Omgoodness, the beer bottles! I just read this months Ready Made magazine and they give a tutorial on how to make beer bottles (neat ones of course) into tumblers. I couldn't find it on their website, but here is another blog that shows a bit more.