Sunday, January 17, 2010

40 Things

I'm not much of an MTV channel watcher however I am totally anticipating this show (starts tomorrow), The Buried Life and here's why .... I’m almost 40 … well I have a little more than a year to go (February 24). It’s a milestone and I’m really looking forward to the next year and since it’s such a special occasion I thought I do something special to celebrate. Actually instead of one special thing, I want to do 40 things before I turn 40. My own sort of list like the MTV show, I think their lists are quite a bit different from mine but I hope to get some inspiration from these young guys. Here's my 40 things:

1. Run a 5K race
2. Fly kites
3. Take the kids to see the ocean
4. Go on an overnight get-away with Aaron (no kids)
5. Go roller skating
6. Go ice skating
7. Lose weight (10-15 lbs)
8. Make myself a skirt
9. Give blood
10. Learn to knit or crochet
11. Institute a family game night
12. Do a gratitude project
13. Eat healthier
14. Get in some sister time
15. Do some random acts of kindness
16. Do monthly date nights with Aaron
17. Go on a family vacation
18. Organize our basement
19. Open an Etsy store
20. No Spend Month
21. Go to the Dentist
22. Finish my picture of the day album for 2009
23. Read a whole book
24. Watch the Madmen series
25. Learn to make the Pioneer Woman’s cinnamon rolls
26. Organize my recipes
27. Go through the kids’ school art
28. Make a couples/wedding album
29. Lunch/dinner with girlfriends
30. Ride bikes with the kids
31. Do $1 week food drive
32. Have at least one Fancy-Shmancy Family Dinner
33. Begin regular Family art time
34. Make a family rules canvas
35. Take a few naps
36. Make a scrapbook about me
37. Embellish my printers tray
38. Become debt free (except house and 1 car payment)

Some things may seem not so "special" but it’s things I want to get done. Some of these are get it done in a few hours kind of thing and some are on-going things to work on once a month or once a week or throughout the entire year. I’m starting more than 13 months before my birthday because of my procrastination issue. I’ve already gotten started on some of my 40 things …. I plan on keeping track of my progress on my blog each month.

I have a problem with my list ... there’s only 38 things. I need 2 more. I’ve been working on this list for a few months. Some things got cut or consolidated. I need help. Please leave a comment to help me come up with 2 more things to do before I’m 40 …. I’ll take any and all ideas into consideration so please help me out!


Keely said...

I want to see that show too.

Jeremy knows you so well. Remember after all he is your soul mate... When I told him you had made a list and needed help coming up with 2 more things, his response was run a marathon.

I'll come up with an answer. I need to think about it.

Cathi said...

Go to a spa for a day, either by yourself, with sisters or deserve it!!!!!!!

Laura said...

I am not sure if you guys go to church, but if not, what about about attending a service?

Penny Smith said...

GREAT list! I can relate to so much of it!

I got the Pioneer Woman's cookbook too!

I just made an etsy order! At least you can check that off the list!! :)

The Anderson Family said...

#39: Take a "Mindy Day"
#40: Take another "Mindy Day"

-Tee- said...

Great list... so going to do this!! I love the $1 a week food drive. We've been doing that for about 2 months and it's been awesome!! Whenever we have something at the house and people ask if we want them to bring anything, I just ask for something for the food pantry box!

Now, as far as ideas... How about learning how to fix something on your own (ie, flat tire, clogged pipe, something that you would typically have someone else fix). You would be amazed at how good it feels! Also, how about trying new recipes, or new foods? I just found out that I am in LOVE with roasted brussel sprouts. You never know.

One more thing would be to make someone's day... send greeting or holiday cards to a senior center or get in touch with a local meals on wheels to do this. Something that will make someone else feel better will always make yourself feel better. My advice is to keep it local though!

Good luck!

Candi Ladwig said...

What a great idea!! I can't wait for that show to start!!