Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Packing it In

I don't know if it's the super cold weather or a growth spurt but Ethan's been eating non-stop. He ate 2 whole grilled cheese sandwiches the other day. Previously when I made grilled cheese he'd turn his nose up at it and eat none. At one point during the meal, he dipped his sandwich in ketchup and said "Come to Papa". Aaron and I laughed so hard, I really don't know what that was all about.
Tonight he ate 3 helpings of spaghetti. I think he ate 4 pieces of cinnamon toast during breakfast last week, what will I do when he's a teenager. Maybe he's gained weight ... maybe he'll get past the 28 pound mark he's been at forever. I know he's gotten taller, some of his pants look like he's waiting for the spring floods already.
At least he uses silverware when eating spaghetti now!

He's really matured a lot over Christmas break. I even noticed it as it was happening. Usually being with the kids everyday I don't seen as much growth as others do who aren't with him as much but this time I noticed so many things. He seemed to play better with the other kids. When we went shopping, he listened better. He's not running away in stores just for kicks. The potty training thing had been coming along. I decided over Christmas break, we would completely stop using pull-ups and since then he's only had 3 wet nights. He is even using the for pooping (TMI). This is HUGE! His temper tantrums have majorly decreased at home and school. He was excited to go back to school and we've only had one day where he didn't want to go. He's gotten all his stars every day since we've returned.

He does refer to himself in the third person which is odd. "Where is my Ethan's Buzz?" "Ethan wants a cereal bar." He now thinks of things to play like potato heads or catch or spin (spin around and around forever). He has 2 jokes. One is when we help him change his underwear he always says "Ethan wants to go swimming." He thinks this is hilarious ... maybe it is if you haven't heard it a thousand times. His other joke is to wait until it's dark out and he looks out the window everyday and says "Ethan wants to go outside". At first I thought he was totally serious but it's an everyday joke. He's like his dad and PaPa telling the same one liners a million times .... must be in the blood. At least Ethan finds himself funny. One of the funniest things I hear him say is when he is playing with Reese and he has to stop to go to the bathroom. He'll say "Ethan be right back, don 't touch" he repeats this about 20 times to her. Then as he walks away he says "Ya got it? Got it?" another million times. He also still like to threaten people with the "Do you want a spankin'?" when someone's not doing what he wants.

One thing that has never changed is the couch jumping. No matter what we can't get him to stop. Even with the excercise trampoline out, he just uses it to launch him to and from the couch.
At least he's having a good time ....
and so is his little sister ... 2 peas in a pod!

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Penny Smith said...

Hands full at all times, huh?

Great pictures!
Cora eats like a grown man... I have no idea where she puts it! LOL!