Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Time Out

I put myself in time out tonight. I took Reesey shopping today to buy paper to make the kids' valentines and to go buy an ironing board. Did you know that if you iron on a quadruple folded bath towel on your hardwood floor, the finish will wear off? Well, if you did you should have told me. I hate those giant ironing boards they're so big and I sew in my bedroom so there's not enough space for one, I found a brand new table top one at the Salvation Army for $2. New ones were $30-$40. I have been loving going to thrift stores and have found some really good stuff.

I had to go in time out because I hauled all 4 kids to the vet after school. The lovely Snoopy started peeing in other locations besides her litter box so we went to have her checked out hoping it was something medically that can be easily fixed .... we had to wait about 15 minutes in the smallest room ever .... then they moved us to another big room where we waited another 10 minutes. It didn't look like anything was wrong but put her on an antibiotic anyway. The kids were too busy and too loud and fighting and opening the door every 2 seconds and fighting ..... then on the way home they were so loud .... even with the radio turned up .... they are too loud. Sometimes I just need quiet. I'm appreciating that my hubby is letting me lock myself in our room for a few hours .... I don't know what I will do ... possibly nothing ... how I would love to scrapbook but my desk is covered. I love my kids and am thankful for each and everyone of their outgoing and energized {and loud} spirit but mommies need breaks.

Here's another good deal I found today at the thrift store,
Yes, it's a cowprint skirt and no, I don't plan on wearing it. It will be cut up and you'll see the fabric again in our Halloween costumes ... yes, I know what our costumes will be ... you have to start early if you have 6 costumes to make and want to get everything without spending a small fortune.

Maybe I'll just sit and stare at my ironing board and cowprint skirt ....

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I absolutely love shopping at thrift stores, but often don't make it there. I also have a confession; I sometimes look forward going to work for the day because it is a break from the children. Doesn't that sound horrible???