Thursday, January 7, 2010

A Homemade Christmas

I counted that I made 26 gifts this year. Most of them sewing and a few scrapbook. Surprisingly I got them all done. I only had to scratch one idea and it was something really small and at 1am on December 31 a few hours before the last celebration I didn't think it was time to start a new project.
I made 2 calendars for grandparents using a Picasa collage and some grandparent quotes:
I made 6 photo books for grandparents, aunts & uncles using the same Picasa collages:
One mini book for my Sister-in-law, Ashley, of the trip we made in the fall of our trip to the Pumpkin patch:
I sewed 5 of these list takers for teachers, Ashley, and my sisters:
8 crayon wallets for my nieces and nephews which turned out to be the hit of our party. I think Jackson used his whole notebook in one day.
3 scrapbook pages for my in-laws for their scrapbook I gave them last year. Here's one, somehow I didn't take photos of all 3 (couldn't be that I was tired, huh?).
1 quilt for my grab bag gift.
I made this in 6 days. Rag quilts aren't hard but I kept running out of fabric because I'm not a good judge of that, evidently. I didn't know which sister would get it but I just used my favorite color combo right now and hoped they would enjoy it too. Keely ended up with it.
I made it with the idea that it would be a mommy only quilt to use while watching TV or in bed. I know how it is around here, sometimes the kids take my blankets. I really love how this turned out .... I really wanted to keep it ... guess I'll have to make myself one.

I know my gifts aren't perfect and didn't cost a lot but I hope all the recipients know that they were made with love (plus a lot of sleep was sacrificed to get them completed). Next year's motto: start earlier and get more sleep!


Laura said...

Awesome job! Everything looks fantastic!

Did you get the crayon wallet and list taker off tutorials? I would love a link to them if so. Those look like projects right up my alley and in my budget as well :)

Thanks for sharing the ideas!


I am so impressed! I wish I was crafty and could create such great gifts! I LOVE the list taker and crayon wallets. The quilt was awesome, too. I need to learn how to sew...... :)

Candi Ladwig said...

As I went down the blog comments were pouring in my head... but each thing I loved more!! I will try to remember everything...
*the quilt AMAZING!!!
*I need the pattern for the crayon wallets!! What a great idea!!
*...and the memo gift!
*I love the layout with tans (can't think of the title... but was sewn on!!) LOVE IT!!!
*What a cute mini book of the pumpkin patch, love all the different size pages.
*Your calendars are a great idea with the photo collage! I will have to remember that for next year for the great grandparents! {I was at a lost this year for them!}

Thanks for sharing all of your creative ideas!! I loved everything! :)

Anonymous said...

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