Tuesday, February 10, 2009

What the heck is a sub woofer for anyway?

My husband, like a lot of men, is obsessed with all things electronic. Bigger and louder are better is his motto in that department. I could care less about hearing a movie in stereo or seeing a show in HDTV. I can barely operate our DVD/VHS player. We own lots of ugly man equipment that according to me does nothing but take up valuable space in our home, attract dust, and have lots of appealing buttons and lights for little hands. Apparently we own a sub woofer (a space taker upper), I found this out on Sunday.

On Sunday Aaron was on a mission, well it was more like a rampage about picking up the house. He expected three 4 year olds to suddenly have the ability and more importantly, the will to help clean up. There was a lot of yelling and crying and the baby was following everyone undoing what had just been done. For some reason when the cleaning was done and we were finishing up Caden thought it would be helpful to mention that there was trash in the sub woofer that sits next to the playroom TV. It has a nice round hole on the front, sort of looks like the top of trash receptacle you might see outside a mall or movie theater. Aaron's hand wouldn't fit in there and neither would mine. But Caden's hand fit perfectly . . . hmmmmm.

At first he extracted a small pile of cracker wrappers, empty fruit snack bags, an old lifesaver, and a dried up baby wipe.

Then it grew to this.

And this is the ending result.

Let's just say Daddy wasn't happy and is surprised we don't have large rats sleeping in bed with us. Caden denied doing it but most of the items found are from things he eats as snacks. Addison throws her stuff away and Ethan stuffs his trash behind the playroom coach or just randomly tosses trash on the floor and Caden was the one who knew it was in there. So guilty as charged is our verdict. Aaron unscrewed the back just to make sure we got everything . . .

besides a rock, yes, a rock, it was basically just an empty box. I say why not throw trash in there, what wasted space . . . I keep saying we need more storage place in this house . . . something should go in there!

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