Sunday, February 15, 2009

S+H: A New Beginning

My cousin, Scott, got married yesterday. Aaron's mom had a slumber party for her 6 grandkids so we got to go. It was a really nice wedding and we had a lot of fun at the reception. We stayed until they kicked us out which was only 9 but still it's unusual for us. I think I've been to one other wedding since I got married and Aaron's been to two. We just don't get out much!

I took some photos. I have a lot to learn about photography and my camera but I think I got some nice shots of them. I remember back to my wedding some of my favorite photos are the candids that guests took of us . . . we could have skipped paying a photography I think . . . but 8 years ago, wedding photography was a bit different. I really like the fun shots that I've seen recently. Anyway here are some of the moments I captured:

Congrats, Scott and Heather!

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Keely said...

You took some nice pictures. I really like the one of her walking down the isle. You did a nice job!