Monday, February 2, 2009

A Lost Weekend

Well I was going to post all these cute photos of our weekend. We went to Build-a-Bear because Aunt Keely and Uncle Jeremy gave the kids gift cards for Christmas.

We had a SuperBowl Party at home too -- just us and my dad. The kids wore their football and cheerleading uniforms but somehow after I download 400+ photos from the weekend last night and I saw them -- most of them are gone this today -- hmmmmm . . . my computer said it was running out of space imagine that, couldn't be all those photos I have on it, could it? I "cleaned" up some stuff I thought I wasn't using but evidently I somehow deleted some photos, I just going to pretend it was only the last 3 days worth and not a bunch from all the photos I have . . . what I don't know, won't hurt me.
Now Caden is sick, he's feeling pretty rotten and I took him to the doctor today. Double ear infections.
Keely said I should just have a standing Monday appointment with the peditrician. She looked in Reese's ears too one was a little red but no fluid yet so I'm sure she'll be there next week. She is in heaven at the doctor's office: a full captive audience with nothing to do but stare at her. She puts on quite the show. Both times we've been in the last week, someone has said she should get paid as entertainment here. She is quite the character while there today she learned to put her finger to her lips and say "shhhhhhhhh". Her she is doing her Daisy Duke impression.

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